A puzzle-match comedy about fame, misfortune and working for nothing.

In Guildmaster Story, you play the role of Guildmaster Ganyo, an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a timeless dream: To let a group of young, energetic adventurers build him a business empire that he doesn't have to pay for.

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About Guildmaster Story

A Narrative Twist on a Mobile Classic

Through a combination of classic puzzle match gameplay, engaging characters and an original story, Guildmaster Story will delight everyone who ever worked an unpaid internship, got steamrolled by the sharing economy, or suspects that the people responsible for it all are precisely who they seem to be.

With new, episodic content planned for release throughout 2019 that introduces new heroes, villains and tales of ridiculous exploitation, Guildmaster Story is the perfect game for killing time on whatever crumbling highway, subway, or public restroom you may find yourself in.


Quality Gem Tapping

You've already played a million games exactly like this for a reason: Because they never stop being fun.

Good Writing

A fun, lighthearted story (really, sort of) with memorable characters from the creator of Actual Sunlight and Little Red Lie.

Easy & Free to Play

The developer is a writer with no background in puzzle design - he literally does not know how to make levels that trick you out of your money.

Satisfied Gamers

Praise for Guildmaster Story

Beta Tester #24

Enthusiastic Respondent

Hilarious! The writing kept me going and playing through the game. I was excited to read more dialogue after each puzzle and I always came back to the game after my lives ran out.

Beta Tester #241

Discerning Individual

Hated the characters, obviously, but in the way intended. Loved the writing, very funny, looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

Beta Tester #678

Insightful Player

Ganyo is so pathetically evil he's actually kind of likable. Writing had a cute and appealing tone, and the drawings were adorable!

Beta Tester #41

Thoughtful Commenter

I laughed loud at several lines, and enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek commentary!

Download Immediately

When it comes to free games, you've spent your whole life living on the edge: Why should this be any different? Download Guildmaster Story!

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